There emerged a period in my life that I had every thing going for me. It’s safe to say that I truly had it all. I had the expensive BMW motor vehicle… I’d the towering condominium unit. Every thing a guy could require; I had it. And in an instant; I lost it all away. You may be pondering how I lost it all huh? It’s quite easy; gambling.

I got addicted to gambling. I visited casino after casino. I spent so much dough every night. Even as I was taking a loss, I kept going at it. Ultimately, I lost every thing. I reached a point in my life that I just wanted fast cash. I need money now, though no-one would give me some. I can’t really pin them. Why would anyone offer me dough when I tell them that I need cash? I was a gambling addict; no-one would dare believe me.

The saddest part was that even my own parents didn’t wish to aid me. I need money and yet even my own folks sought no part of me. I was sinking with debt and I had nobody else to consult with. I need money ASAP but I had no other methods for getting it. Luckily, I remembered that one of my friends own an Ice Cream store. I called him up and pleaded him if I could work for him. As good fortune would have it, his ice cream guy just quit! I stated to my buddy that I need cash thus I’m wanting to do whatever needs doing. After a day, I promptly started off selling ice cream.

It was a humbling encounter for me. At some point in my life I’d every thing. Now I can’t even find the money for my own ice cream. I loved my work although. It was a different experience that I’ve never had before. This illuminated me and genuinely, it improved my life.

Currently, it is perfectly normal for me to declare that I need money. Who doesn’t? Although do I require it to pay for my obligations? Do I want it to gamble? Absolutely not! I’m a changed person. I need money now to pay the bills and to live life easily. Gone are the days where I was practically begging for cash. I’m no more a beggar, as I’m working my way back to where I was before. If you’re pondering, I’m not selling ice cream bars any more. Not that it’s a terrible job. It was great! And I definitely owe every thing to my pal who provided me a chance. I merely opted to move on to a larger project. I’m into internet marketing now, and I’m making a good amount of money.

I need cash to make further more investments in my internet businesses. I’m not anymore linked to gambling or other terrible vices. I’ve completely re-configured my life. I need money now to help people like me. I want to be an agent for change.